14904 Hanover Road

Hanover, MI. 49241

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Southern Michigan's

 Finest Pheasant Hunting

Why We Do What We Do

Owning and operating "The Ringneck Ranch, LLC." has been an incredible bonus for Ron and I. Maybe it's not that remarkable to anyone other than me because "The Ringneck Ranch, LLC" is a perfect fit for the way we live. For Ron, because his most treasured times are spent hunting, fishing, working our dogs, or talking about how great hunting is. For him it's total saturation, 24/7 hunting and that's what he enjoys more than anything. I'm not 24/7, but that doesn't mean I won't be sitting in the duck blind on a perfect Indian Summer morning listening to the birds waking up as the sun creeps over the tree line waiting for a few Woodies to come zinging down the river; kicking up a rooster pheasant during my evening walk, or occasionally enjoying an early evening in one of the deer blinds you see scattered around the ranch.


In addition to our personal outdoor interests there is nothing that compares to greeting hunters as they arrive, meeting their families, friends and dogs and listening to the banter of old and new hunting companions as they catch up on one anothers news. Ron and I, with our staff truly enjoy being able to share the ranch, dogs, birds, river, great scenery and all the hunting opportunities with the sportsmen, women and kids that join us to hunt.


Maybe you have to live it to totally understand it. There are hundreds of things that make what we do special including giving disabled hunters the opportunity to begin, or continue hunting; or the look of awe from a new hunter as they ruff the feathers and count the bars on the tail of the first rooster pheasant they've ever harvested. It's that: and along with that; it's the look in the eyes of the person that took the time and had the patience to bring that young hunter out on their very first pheasant hunt at The Ringneck Ranch, LLC.


Yes, this is a very good place to be. We hope to meet you soon. We know you'll enjoy The Ringneck Ranch, LLC as much as we do.

Be True to your Dog 

You might have noticed our dog kennel building, or maybe you saw Ron's labs on the porch. Our
dogs are more than tools of the trade to us; they are our family. Dogs that come here to hunt are always welcome to come in the clubhouse before or after the hunt. In fact, we consider many of them friends: Gracie, Max, China, Ali, Scout, Goofie and many more.
With Michigan's ever-changing and unpredictable weather we humans can always use a few tricks, tips and reminders about caring for our best friends and hunting sidekicks.
Keep vaccinations current 
Use Flea and Tick Repellant
Carry a Canine First Aid Kit
Always provide shelter that is appropriate for Michigan's current weather with dry bedding, food and
 fresh water.
Check for injuries after every hunt.
Have your vet I.D. Chip your dog and keep .I.D. tags with current contact info on the dog all the time.
If you travel with your dog in a crate or any canine enclosure  check on your dog often whenever you're traveling and NEVER leave them in a vehicle in hot weather.

We can help you host a great special event! Bachelor parties! Birthday parties! Corporate events, employee appreciation gatherings and fundraisers.  We can make it memorable and stress free. We have the knowledge, imagination and resources available to make your hunting event a huge success. Contact Allyn to get it started atThe Ringneck Ranch LLC. First step is getting a date scheduled, let us know how many guests you'll have. We can accommodate up to 30 people.